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Narrate Conferences, Inc.

Narrate Conferences

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This is the official journal of Narrate Conferences, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that produces dynamic, innovative events for scholars, students, professionals and fans. A driving purpose of Narrate Conferences is to educate and explore through both traditional and non-traditional interactions, including promoting collaboration among diverse groups. Narrate Conferences, Inc. aims to challenge and inspire both the seasoned academic and the literary enthusiast. By combining elements drawn from academic, professional, media, and other types of conferences, Narrate Conferences, Inc. creates forward-thinking, engaging educational events.

Narrate Conferences, Inc. welcomes a wide variety of attendees at its events, including academics, librarians, educators, professionals, students, writers, artists and fans from around the world. Our events combine a scholarly approach with a welcoming, exploratory atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of people -- and encourage collaboration among all attendees, regardless of education or background.

This journal will be updated periodically with information about upcoming events, conference planning, and responses to frequently asked questions. You may leave questions and comments in any post or write to info@narrateconferences.org for more information.